30 years of gratitude for APD

Mar 20, 2019 - 12:18 pm

    On March 19, 2019 at about 11:15 p.m., I pulled in behind an erratic
    driver on Hwy 71 Eastbound at Burleson.  By the time he reached
    IH 35, I had already witnessed him hit a curb and smash through a
    construction Barricade, so I called 911. Frustratingly, I stayed
    behind the driver and on the phone with dispatch until he got to
    Capitol Plaza and no officers responded to the call. 
    When I saw him pull into the McDonald’s at Cameron Road, I
    called back with the additional info, and officers were waiting
    for him on the feeder before he took his first bite.  Driver was
    pulled over on the overpass to 183, and he was taken into
    I understand you must receive a huge number of calls from
    concerned motorists, and likely many amount to nothing.
    Witnessing what i saw, the swift actions of the APD last night
    very likely saved a life, that could have been a loved one’s.
    Just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude and thank you for
    your service. I’ve lived in Austin over 30 years and every
    interaction I’ve had with your department has been a positive
    one.  Thank you for putting yourselves in harms way each day to
    ensure safety of responsible and irresponsible citizens alike. 
    I’d love to know the outcome of last night's stop if you’re
    able to see that info. I hate to burden someone who likely has a
    disease with a DUI fine, but last night, there was simply not
    another option. 
    Thank you!