Compliments for APD officer, D Driskill, #8273

We wanted to extend a compliment to an APD officer that stopped my husband and me yesterday as we exited the 130 toll road coming into Austin. We had exceeded the speed limit, and Officer Driskill came over smiling and friendly. He could not have been nicer or more respectful and courteous in the traffic stop. It was a federal holiday, and he probably would've preferred a day off with his family. I had a question for him about an elderly family member who continues to drive, and he took the time to explain the Texas laws on that issue and on renewing a driver's license.

We support and are grateful for all law enforcement personnel, as well as the military and first responders, and we wanted to let this officer know that we appreciated his professionalism and kindness. We pray he always stays safe and protected in his duties. Many thanks to all APD officers for their service.