Truly an angel

I was homeless with my kids and Officer Sophia Loera drove up to us in a shopping center on north Lamar. Someone had called in a mom and 2 kids sleeping outside of a store. It was me and my 2 boys. I denied that I needed help not wanting to get in trouble but the officer asked me 2 times if I had somewhere to go. I was gonna lie to just get her off my back but something about her voice made me break down and ask for help. Then started almost a year of motel rooms ..cps and a torn apart family. Me and my kids are still healing. I am still in rehab but we are constantly talking about this officer who asked that second time if we were ok. She could have went about her day, on to the next call. But I'd like to think she felt something was wrong. If she wouldn't have asked that second time....who knows where me and my boys would be. Me and my kids would be super excited to see her again. She took us out for breakfast at  McDonald's, called a case worker and I think someone from the homeless alliance. She is truly an angel.