May 18, 2018 - 12:58 pm

I would like to take time to commend Officers Nicholas Draper AP7063 and Derrick Lehman AP6794 and the paramedics who came to our aide. I was in an accident on May 1st at Airport and Shady between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. Driver of other car checked on me and called police and they were so quick to respond. My airbag deployed and left me just in shock and pain. I had three dogs in the back of my suv and that should have been a problem but the officers were so attentive and interaccted so well with the dogs. I was so revieved. The paramedics got me to the ambulance to check vitals....i was okay except for where the airbag and knocked back. since I had the dogs I was not able to go to the ambulance but promised I would go to hospital to be checked on. And did later. One officer loaded up the dogs in his cruizer and gave us a ride to our destination. Much to my releif and to the owner of the other two dogs. I was on my way to Airport to pick up the owner of the two gorkies that were with my schnauzer. I want very much to let those that need to know how greatly we were treated, even the dogs...not one dog got out of order. Again, thankyou to the officers and paramedics who helped through a very traumati experience.