APD interaction with family - thanks

Jun 23, 2015 - 11:50 am

Hey Chief,

Didn't think I would be sending another of these so quickly but was asked to convey my families gratitude. Just a quick note to again thank one of your officers who this time assisted my family members this morning who were searching for the grandparents who had reportedly arrived last night at Austin ABIA, but were not reachable by cell all night and morning and were not at their home.

My family of course was extremely concerned this morning when they could not locate them at their home. So of course, I was called and asked for help.  I had begun making calls to other agencies and hospitals in the area to insure they had not been hurt or involved in any incidents.

After we had checked all over and contacted the hospitals, as well as dispatch regarding accidents, we advised dad to head to ABIA to meet with American Airlines to check the manifest from NYC and make sure they were on the plane.   As I was speaking to one family member on the phone with dad, they met up with one of your officers at ABIA. As I was advising them to be clear on what was known and relayed to the officer, they put him on the phone with me.  Once I found out he was going to check the flight manifesto with AA, I told the family that APD would help them and I awaited to hear back from them.

Within the hour, APD Officer Smith, #6696 at ABIA had insured my family that they had arrived in to the Austin Airport the previous evening. It was further discovered that they in fact had stayed at the Hilton Airport because they apparently could not find their car last night in the parking lot when they arrived.

My family asked me if I could  reach out and express their gratitude for Officer Smith's assistance and concern.  Again, another example of a small positive gesture by an APD officer that will be remembered at a larger degree due to the circumstance at the time.  I unfortunately do not have the officers or his supervisors email to directly email but if you could, make sure they are aware of both my families and my own appreciation. As you know, families sometimes get over concerned and stressed especially when it involves parents and grandparents, and at times just need that advocate for their concerns.

Thanks again for all you and the APD team does.