APD Warmth in the Midst of Freezing Cold

My teen daughter and her friend were trying to see a concert last night at Emo's.  Something was wrong with their StubHub tickets, and they were attempting to purchase horribly expensive pit tickets.  Something was not going right with the purchase for my daughter's friend and they were stuck out in the freezing cold for an extended period of time.  The girls were severely underdressed and by that time, at least one had dissolved into tears. Officer Green stepped in and upon discussion with the security guard, was able to obtain permission for the girls to at least wait inside the facility until the ticket issue could be resolved.  I am so grateful to Officer Green. Not only did he help out in this particular situation, but he set an example of good policing in general.  As a mom, it is hard to let your kids out of the house. Knowing that police officers like Officer Green are out there makes it easier to sleep at night.

- P.M.