Appreciation for Officer Murphy

Sep 27, 2016 - 2:28 pm

Officer Murphy (7617) assisted my friend in a domestic situation on Sunday night (9/5 12:30 AM). It was very late, turning into a public holiday, and it was a possibly very dangerous situation. He handled it coolly, did not apply any erroneous judgments or try to moralize the issue at hand. I was only a friend, not a witness or someone who could directly help with the case but he treated me with respect and allowed me to assist my friend during the report.

Please give him my personal thanks. I am a volunteer with Safeplace although this incident was unrelated to my work. He was exactly the kind of officer that is making a difference in the lives of survivors of sexual and domestic assault. All of the training that we hope your department is getting shined through in him that night as I saw how he was able to comfortably discuss the options that Victim Services provide, made us feel comfortable and safe around him, and he did his absolute best not to apply blame or shame or guilt onto the survivor.