Arresting Appreciation

Mar 13, 2019 - 9:20 am

I was recently arrested by Officer Caleb Cantu of the Austin Police Department. As odd as it may sound I wanted to give my praise to the officer who handled the situation. I had neglected to pay a traffic fine and had a warrant for my arrest. At the time the officer pulled me over he told me it was for my headlight being out (which it was). After checking my information he came back and informed me of my warrant and in my opinion did a fantastic job of handling the situation to the best of his ability. He explained everything out to me and I was fully compliant due to this being the result of my neglect of the fine I had been issued.

This officer I think is an example of how I think all officers should act and is an extraordinary example of professionalism. Although I didn't have the time of my life while getting my ticket resolved and spending time in jail, I wanted to send my appreciation to the officer and his supervisors. The officer did his job to his absolute best and I wanted to thank him for taking care in explaining my situation and walking me through this somewhat shocking experience.

I realize in times like these that police officers don't always get the best wrap most of the time and again, as odd as it may seem, I wanted to send along my appreciation for his professionalism. My case has been settled and I'm on my way to being better and more attentive to my actions on the road.

All in all, much thanks to Officer Cantu and the Austin Police Department.

- M.B.