Close Call Commendation

Feb 20, 2019 - 2:50 pm

Tonight an officer of the Austin Police Department (Officer Matthew Wise) saved my life, my wife's life, and the life of my 3 month old child. If you're able, please pass along the sincere thanks from my family for his actions tonight. Earlier tonight a crossover SUV fled from a police cruiser, with no headlights on, down our street in the Windsor Park area. Because the police cruiser was tailing the vehicle so closely, with lights and sirens on, we were able to pull over and get out the way. Our street has almost no nighttime lighting, so we didn't even see the SUV until it was right next to us flying by at high speeds. It also happened to be right before a bottle neck on the street, due to parked cars, where two cars going in opposite directions would not have had enough room to pass each other safely. If the operator of the police vehicle were not following the SUV so closely, with lights and sirens on, we would have most certainly not been able to pu ll over in time and met that SUV in a head-on collision in that bottleneck. So thank you to Officer Wise who saved my family tonight by doing all the right things in a tough and dangerous situation. We are eternally grateful.

- S.K.