Commendation for Officers Henrichs and Connell

Aug 16, 2016 - 6:27 pm

This morning at Hospice Austin Christopher House we had a situation with a visitor that was quickly getting out of control. 

This visitor had spent the night with one of our patients, and when we attempted to wake her up as she was sleeping, she became combative,hostile,belligerent and was becoming a danger to our
patient and our staff. 

We notified my nurse manager and she directed us to call APD to have this visitor escorted off our grounds.

Your officers arrived promptly, and with proficiency and professionalism, they quickly took over the situation without much disruption to the remaining patients/families. This visitor was exhibiting
signs of some kind of intoxication and it is Hospice Austin policy that illicit drugs/alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

Once in the parking lot, this visitor continued to refuse to leave, so the officers arrested her for criminal trespass.

This incident was truly escalating, and already it was beginning to inhibit the care of the patient that this visitor was with. We have a small staff here, and between the few of us and the other families
that were witnessing this, it was a huge sign of relief when your officers escorted her out of the building.

These magnificent officers were:  Officer Henrichs #6130
                                                       Officer Connell #5970

As Officer Henrichs was with this visitor Officer Connell returned, and gave us clear instructions plus the incident number as to what to do if she returns to our premises.

Knowing that we are protected, speaks volumes. We thank you and thank them.