Compliment for APD

Jul 25, 2018 - 2:28 pm

From Austin 311: I just spoke with a gentleman who wants to pass on some praise to the Austin Police Department. He could barely fight back the tears as he spoke so highly of our Amazing civil servants. He ironically was pulled over and given a citation however he suffers for a severe case of PTSD & Epileptic seizures, often triggered by bright lights. i.e police curser lights. He says he went in to a seizure when the officers were approaching. He was very nervous and also had a concealed weapon in the back of his vehicle. He says the three officers, one older and two younger went beyond the call of duty with their care and understanding. They were kind to him, helped calm him. He said one of the officer was also a solider so he recognized what was happening but everyone worked as a team just to calm him and in the most respectful way. He wants to thank them so much for their kindness and professionalism he was uncertain the officers would understand what was happing and could have gone wrong. He didn’t remember the officers names but he says he was pulled over on the 1700 block of Danbury by 3 male officers!

Thanks  for passing this on..made me cry also!!

~Austin 311