Crash Compassion

Aug 5, 2020 - 7:22 am

I am writing because of an excellent experience I had with the fine officers under your leadership. On Saturday, August 1, 2020 at approximately 10 pm I crashed my car on Mt. Bonnell Road. I haven't finalized everything with my insurance yet, but I do believe my car was totaled. The SOS system contacted your department and two officers were on the scene within minutes. I was completely traumatized and in a panic from the crash - I am 57 years old and I have never had a car crash - EVER. The crash was partly my fault for being an idiot and going too fast for that winding road. I was following a friend who had gotten way ahead of me and I was trying to catch up. I should have known better. Your officers had every right to be chastising and rude toward me - but they weren't. In fact, they were quite the opposite. They were kind, patient, and understanding. They called a tow truck for my vehicle and summoned EMTs to tend to my wounds. They were calming, non-accusatory, and reassuring and one even gave me a ride back to my hotel.

With all that is going on today regarding police and their interactions with the public, I want you to pass along my appreciation to Officers Guadarrama #8541, Lox #8767 and McCollum #8214. 

Congratulations on creating a well-trained, calm, and empathetic team. I do not live in Austin, but I know if I visit again in the future, there is a quality force there to assist and protect everyone. I am so grateful for those fine men. Please pass my appreciation.

Thank you,