Doggone good service

A citizen emailed Chief Acevedo directly to say:

I just want to let you know, in a time when police officers are being targeted as "bad cops," I had an encounter with one of your good cops. I was on my way to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk last weekend with my Golden Retriever and I was admittedly speeding on Mopac. When I saw those flashing lights behind my car, my heart dropped and I knew I was going to be late. Officer R. Lesly #3003 approached my car with a genuine (not smirky) smile on his face. He wished me a good morning and before he told me what I did, I said, "I know, I was speeding. I'm on my way to the dog walk and I got up late."

He said he was from the Traffic Unit and he had to give me a ticket. However, he complimented my dog (which goes a long way with me) and did all the proper things; told me why I was pulled over, asked for my license, insurance etc., in a friendly way. He didn’t humiliate me or scold me. He said he would try to make it as fast as he could so I could get to the walk on time, and when he came back he would tell me what my options were. I was stunned that he mentioned I had options! I never expected for a police officer to tell me anything but what a horrible citizen I was for driving over the speed limit. Officer Lesly's tone of voice and demeanor didn't make the fact that I was speeding sound like I had committed a crime against humanity.  He didn’t say it, but the incident seemed like “hey, it’s one of those things. It happens to us all.” When he came back He told me I could go to defensive driving since I had an excellent driving record.

He also complemented my car. I told him how I had gotten a great deal on it. He gave me the ticket, but before he left, I had to tell him this was the nicest speeding ticket I have ever gotten and how much I really appreciated his friendliness. He said, “Well you are nice and there is no reason to be rude.”

I pulled away thinking, huh? Why am I not upset about getting a ticket? I should be. The last ticket I got ruined my whole day. I have pondered this question for the last few days. I made it to the dog walk on time, but I got a ticket. He dropped the speed down a little. That was nice, but I got a ticket and I have to take defensive driving.

Now, I have come to the realization that the Officer Lesly made the difference between ruining my day and letting me enjoy the dog walk. I’m still not upset about the ticket and I’m going to comedy defensive driving so at least I can get a laugh out of it. I just felt the need to let you know because of recent media events. I think the good cops need to get a pat on the back from time to time…even if it doesn’t get media attention.