Downtown officer commendation

May 10, 2016 - 3:20 pm

Hi Chief...hope all is well,

I opened my new business on E 6th Street. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the team that handles my area.

My main contact is Ofc Kevin De La Rue. He is an outstanding and very diligent officer. He is extremely proactive and very professional. I am very impressed with his sincere concern for our area, my business, and my personal safety.

As you well know we have a never-ending transient problem and over the years I have been a victim of transient crime many, many times. This area unfortunately is no different.  We have new ones showing up all the time and definitely repeat offenders. It takes constant maintenance to deal with them and the problems they cause, so I very much appreciate the assistance of the fine officers that patrol my area.

I wanted you to know that Ofc De La Rue is awesome! And I also appreciate the work of his team, including Ofc Shelly Borton and Ofc Greg Gentry.  Also fine, professional officers and very diligent in their duties.

Thank you again for being a great "GM" of our APD team!  I feel blessed to have such a competent crew just a phone call away.

My only request is that you beg the Council to up your budget so you can hire more officers!  I'd love to see patrol ride by more often and especially for SXSW next year.

Thank you Chief for all that you and your Department does.