Excellent Service by Sergeant Jason Mutchler

Feb 17, 2016 - 11:17 am

Dear Chief Acevedo,

Unfortunately I witnessed a brutal attack on Barton Springs Road today. I called 911 and the first officer to arrive was Sergeant Jason Mutchler. By this time three good samaritans had managed to pull the attacker off the man being beaten — although it took them several minutes to do so he was so violent. Sergeant Mutchler approached the man and tried to talk to him. While telling the officer why he attacked the man, he was very difficult, mouthy, disrespectful and somewhat incoherent. Yet, Sergeant Mutchler showed unbelievable calm and successfully worked to de-escalate the situation. I was blown away and incredibly impressed by his ability to be so calm — I certainly couldn’t have been. In all honesty, after witnessing the attack, I wouldn’t have minded seeing this guy shut up and handcuffed on the spot. But Sergeant Mutchler continued to keep things calm while waiting for the back-up officers to arrive. At that point, they were able to handcuff him without incident. Although it did take all three officers to get him in the squad car as he started fighting it.

These days we hear so much about the bad officers — which we should but we also need to remember it’s a very small percentage that abuse their power and that the vast majority are good public servants — so I wanted to share a story of the incredible handling of a potentially volatile situation by Sergeant Mutchler. I am thankful for him and all the other officers that keep us safe.

Thank you!