Facebook thank you message

Feb 17, 2016 - 2:15 pm

My teenage daughter said her and a friend were hanging out after dark under a bridge and were approached by an APD officer in an SUV. He treated them with respect and dignity and explained the dangers of hanging out after dark under a bridge in the area. Repeated many times that they weren't in any trouble and suggested it wasn't the best place for young people to hang out but it was a public place and it was up to them basically to decide if they wanted to leave. She said they felt so happy to be treated like adults and with such respect they thanked him and agreed they shouldn't be there and they have never gone back. I don't know the officers name in question nor does she, but I wanted to say thank you for having such a well trained officer on staff. Kids lose respect for the law when officers treat them like they don't deserve respect. She's a great kid and I appreciate the save!