Facebook thank you note

Feb 17, 2016 - 2:17 pm


I just wanted to say thank you to Officer Lindsay Thorstenson for the great ride-along this past Saturday. I am a criminal justice student and went on the ride-along for the learning experience, not really knowing what to expect.

Lindsay explained every step of the process to me, from the initial safety check of the car and its accessories, to prioritizing calls, to responding to calls, to keeping herself, her fellow officers, and the citizens of Austin safe. She didn't make me feel like a liability, but she definitely made me feel safe, especially when responding to calls with unpredictable and potentially violent individuals.

She also taught me in-depth about the different systems officers use to help serve the community, and how in serving the community, safety is always the #1 priority. I was so impressed by her level of knowledge and ability to defuse situations in the calls we responded to, especially since she said she was kind of a "rookie"!

Can't wait for my next ride-along! Please send Officer Thorstenson my highest praises and thanks.