Family Heirlooms Returned

Apr 17, 2018 - 2:07 pm

I wanted to commend you and your staff, notably Detective Julian Guzman #4611 for exemplary work on a recent theft case. On Sunday, February 25, I reported a robbery after discovering family jewelry had been taken by construction workers remodeling my home. The day after it was reported, you, Sgt. Sandi Barnes, connected me with Detective J. Guzman. Three days later, detective Guzman had located my jewelry at a nearby pawn shop returning it to me by Friday morning.

When I discovered the jewelry was missing, I assumed there was no hope. With over a month of construction with various workers in my home, the chances of the jewelry being recovered seemed extremely unlikely. I assumed the Austin police dept. would have bigger cases to solve and that my report would be filed away and unnoticed. However, Detective Guzman treated the case with respect and quickly went to work. Through his hard work and smart investigation skills, Guzman solved the case in less than a week. Not only did this bring peace of mind to my family, but I would imagine cases that are solved quickly save valuable department resources.

I'd like to recommend Detective Guzman be rewarded or recognized in some way for his extraordinary work. I'd also like to sincerely thank you, the Austin police department, and Detective J. Guzman for taking our case seriously. Some of the jewelry involved in this case were family heirlooms that could not have been replaced. Because of your smart and dedicated staff, these special pieces will be passed on to my daughter and hopefully to generations to come. I will be showing thanks by making a donation for the first time to Operation Blue Santa.

Thank you again for keeping Austin safe.

- S.B.