Good Police Work

Apr 29, 2016 - 3:52 pm


I know you both are quite busy managing and keeping our City safe.

However, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to commend and express my appreciation and gratitude for the actions of one of the City’s police officers. I found myself in the middle of a call which officer Kaleikini responded to, in East Austin. After talking to the 911 communications specialist we were a little apprehensive about how the call would be handled. But, from the moment officer Kaleikini pulled up, exited his car and acknowledged that, first of all -he was there to make sure everyone was safe - our stress levels were subdued.  His demeanor was very cautious (observant), comforting and professional.

Short Summary: A young (troubled person) criminal had walked in my mom’s house. He took her purse and exited the house once he was spotted in the house. He ran out taking the purse with him. We were very concerned. We advised all the neighbors, etc. To our surprise the same young man returned the following day and was peering through the door. Once he realized he was being watched he left. He was followed to what we later discovered was his mom’s house. Once I arrived on the scene I phoned APD requesting their help.

In these days and times when we often forget that about 97% of the officers are the ‘good guys’ it was refreshing and reassuring to see the template that APD expects of their officers at work. I’ll never forget Kaleikini asking me to take the criminal’s mom behind his vehicle to make sure she was okay. He actually looked at me and said, “We were all good people”. The elder lady (the criminal’s mom) also expressed to me her appreciation for the way Officer Kaleikini dialogued and treated everyone. 

I've tried to keep this brief; just wanted to underscore that Kaleikini’s demeanor reminded me of good old fashion ‘community policing’. Officers like Kaleikini are the thread that keeps the bridge of trust together in challenging times, between the community and law enforcement, giving civilization the edge that we can’t afford to lose...

Thanks for the work that’s being done by your teams to keep Austin safe.