Great teamwork by all public safety entities

This is another great call with great teamwork by all public safety entities! 

This was a call for an individual who was working under his vehicle when the car fell on him, trapping him under the weight of the car.  APD was first to arrive and, due to some quick thinking, used a jack to get the patient out from under his vehicle.  He was in cardiac arrest at that time and APD began CPR.  AFD and EMS arrived shortly thereafter and the resuscitation was continued with the patient being transported within 8 minutes of EMS arrival.  The patient received bilateral chest decompression, additional volume and epinephrine while compressions continued enroute.  On arrival at UMCB the patient had cardiac activity on ultrasound, return of pulses and was admitted to the ICU.  Despite being given every opportunity the patient ultimately succumbed to his injuries several days later.