Home for sale - garage door open?

Sep 15, 2015 - 3:23 pm

To whom it may concern,

My name is LH and I reside in South Austin.  Yesterday, I left our home in South Austin, ready to be listed on the MLS for sale and drove to McKinney, TX where we are moving to.  An hour into the drive, I started questioning if I closed the garage door on our home in South Austin and deep panic overcame me, as I had all our belongnings neatly packed in the garage in boxes, which would be very easy to steal.

I spoke with my realtor, who promised to go by and check on the house, but later in the afternoon, when his schedule allowed him.  This is when I called 311 and asked to speak with APD.

I was transferred to Josh.  With a distressed voice, and rambling I told Josh my story, which frankly sounded a bit crazy, and asked if an officer could be dispatched to drive by our home.  Add to this that due to the stress i couldnt even remember the name of our development (meadows at double creek) and you could see why Josh could have easily dismissed me.

Instead, Josh treated me with nothing but kindness, care, concern and desire to help.  Thanks God, all got resolved quickly, and I got to breathe a sigh of relief.  Thank you Josh for your help in a moment of desparation (mostly, I was worried that if I did not close the garage door, home may get vandalyzed right after we prepped it for sale).

As our move is final now, I would not miss Austin's road congestions and density of population, however, if Josh Guerrero represents the culture of APD, I will certainly miss the level of devotion, commitment and respect I was treated with!!!

Thank you Josh!!! Thank you APD!!!  Stay safe and be blessed!!!