Hub Cap Hero

First of all, I must apologize it has taken me this long to file this letter but as an employee of the Texas Legislature within the Texas House of Representative we were extremely busy with the 86th Legislative Session that adjourned on Memorial Day, May 27, 2019. So better late than never, and I still wanted to make sure that Officer Adrian Martinez received the praise he so deserves for going out of his way to help me when my car had a tire blowout during busy rush hour on May 16, 2019 at approximately 3:00 pm. I had taken a late lunch and returning to my Capitol office from home traveling south on MoPac. One of my vehicle's tires blew out close to the 35th Street (Camp Mabry) exit. I was on left lane of the highway and had to change 2 other lanes over to get to the right lane shoulder. Because my vehicle was stranded on an entry exit, it was in a very dangerous position, and with concrete barriers I could not even open my driver's side door to get. And making an attempt to open my driver's side door was even more dangerous as traffic continued to pass at a high speed.

Of course, I panicked. I called my AAA Emergency Roadside Service. Luckily the AAA representative took all my policy details over the phone and even waited on the phone with me as she called 911. She informed me that a tow service would arrive within 40 minutes. While I waited, APD Officer Adrian Martinez arrived within 12 minutes and he was able to help me get my car out of harm's way and to a safer location on 35th Street across the street from Camp Mabry. Officer Martinez waited with me until the tow service arrived and replaced my tire.

In the process of this ordeal while Officer Martinez helped me move my car to a safe spot, I lost the hub cap to the tire. Before Officer Martinez left I asked him for his e-mail and supervisor's name because I wanted to make sure I sent a proper acknowledgment of praise and recognition to APD for his assistance. He was kind of hesitant to give me his e-mail because he said he was only doing his job. I gave him my business card and cell phone before he left.

Incidentally, and to my surprise, the next day he called to tell me he had had found the hubcap and asked me to meet him anywhere close to the Capitol so he could get it to me. He did and I was so grateful because when I called my dealership to try to get a replacement hubcap the next day, I was informed it would run anywhere between $100-$150 to replace.

Too often, all we hear in the media about our proud men and women in blue, is when something goes wrong or there is some type of crime. Police officers too often do not receive the recognition they deserve for all they do to keep us safe. And that of course, involves them putting their own lives on the line to do their jobs.

Once again, I am proud of Officer Martinez and all he does with the Austin Police Department to provide safety for all Austinites. You indeed have a fine officer at the APD Family.

- J.B.