Kudos to Officer James Hyatt

Oct 7, 2016 - 3:26 pm

Chief Acevedo and/or Staff:

I wanted to pass this information onto you regarding a meeting taking place at my business.

The main reason I wanted to let you know is to give kudos to Officer James Hyatt.  Officer Hyatt from day one of meeting him, has personally assisted me in curbing issues related to the transient and crime problem in the area.  He has never complained or given me any sort of objections to overcome when I have problems.  He has always been there to not just assist me, but to also help the community. When there is an issue, he takes it upon himself to take action and make something happen.

As you can tell from my email below to all business managers and property owners in the south Cameron Road area, the historic transient problem in this area is becoming intolerable.  Business owners/managers and residents of the Cameron Road and Windsor Park areas are at boiling points and are ready to do what it takes with the city to stop the growing trend of the rising transient population increasingly hurting the neighborhood.  Although I have had major success with my property, other property owners do not have the same story.  The common tone is “What good does it do?  All APD does is shoo off the transient and they continue to come back with no consequences.”  Or APD just doesn’t respond.  I have had business owners tell me time and time again they have tried to make contact with your office and they did not have any response.  I hate to hear this when I have had such a great success record with Officer Hyatt.

Residents too are very unhappy with the issue.  I have had several residents hear that we are having a meeting with businesses and asked if they could attend.

One resident in particular has brought to my attention of several drug related incidents/dealings that occur at a store that is a known problem in the area that enables prostitution, drug dealings and over-serving the transient population.   I have passed onto Officer Hyatt one drug dealing incident in full detail of the car/license plate, suspects and activity that occurred.  People want to take their neighborhood back from these criminals.

We have a very large crowd planning to attend our meeting tomorrow night and I hope Officer Hyatt is not overwhelmed.  Officer Hyatt has told me that it is very important to have the same crowd at the Commander’s Forum October 12 at McCallum High School.  I will be there and will have as many business owners and residents present at the meeting as possible.  It’s time something is done not just at the present moment but for the future as well.  I understand APD cannot fix the problem without the assistance from City of Austin officials and City Council – we just need help from APD to stop the crime, vandalism and overall nuisance of the transient and crime community.  Without your assistance, you will see businesses continue to leave the area.

Thank you for your time – I know you are quite overwhelmed with all aspects of the city.