My husband made his international flight thanks to APD


I wanted to take a few moments to commend APD Officer A. Houser, Badge #AP7999 and the other responding officers of the Austin Police Department for their professionalism and compassion while handling an accident March 28, 2018 at approximately 5:20AM.  While taking my husband to the airport for a flight to China, my vehicle was struck from behind and totaled in a construction zone on US183/Bolm Road. It was the morning of torrential downpours all across Austin, resulting in multiple accidents across the city.  Officer Houser’s shift was almost over by the time a tow truck arrived and the incident was completed.  Yet he took me home to the opposite side of Austin, and another APD Officer took my husband to Austin Bergstrom just in time to make his 7:00AM flight.  All responding officers displayed professionalism and deserve recognition for their support and assistance.  Their commitment to help and assist in a difficult time did not go unnoticed.  Please accept our sincere thanks for all their help and support.


- SM