Never in my wildest dreams was I prepared for what I observed!

Nov 18, 2015 - 1:32 pm

    Officer Chris Taylor (Edward 601) took me on a Ride Out on
    Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. I got a firsthand look at APD patrol
    from 6:45pm-5:00am. Never in my wildest dreams was I prepared for
    what I observed! 
    First, I was impressed with Officer Taylor's confidence and
    knowledge for only being on the force for 15 months. He was
    informative, calm, cool and collected throughout the night. While
    I was belted in and my adrenaline was raging (especially after
    the three "Hot Shots"), I was amazed at how he could manage the
    computer and the patrol car with ease and be so controlled and in
    charge when he got to his destination. I observed about 13
    different calls and we ended the shift delivering and processing
    a young man at the jail.
    Each call Officer Taylor was involved with was managed expertly.
    I appreciated the opportunity to witness and talk about his
    training and methods of handling different situations. I found
    him to be very bright, knowledgeable, considerate, detailed,
    sympathetic and in control with each encounter. He worked well
    with his backup officers and found common ground when relating to
    the people he encountered.
    I realize now it takes a great deal of composure and confidence
    to walk into a tense situation where anything can go wrong in a
    split second and diffuse it with compassion and understanding.
    Officer Taylor is my new hero. If I hadn't taken the opportunity
    to go on the Ride Out, I'd have never known the dangers and the
    stresses an officer encounters. It's obvious to me that he's been
    very well trained. I still can't believe he's only been out of
    the academy for 15 months!
    You have a shining star in Officer Chris Taylor. I will never
    forget his generosity in "sharing a night on the town" (so to
    speak) with me. My eyes have been opened and I have a greater
    understanding and appreciation for all peace officers. It's not a
    job for the weak or indecisive. It's a job that calls for nerves
    of steel mixed with compassion and confidence. I will keep all
    APD officers in my nightly prayers from now on.