Officer Brent Cleveland

Sep 27, 2016 - 2:17 pm

Dear Chief Acevedo,

I am writing about a young Austin Officer, Brent Cleveland. Brent is my neighbor. Over the last five years this young man has been an extreme help to my elderly husband and myself. Although I have no knowledge of Brent's performance as a Police Officer, I do know about his actions here in the neighborhood. He is the first to offer help when help is needed. He spent one whole night looking for my husband who has dementia, when he left home. He has tended to our yard on many occasions and recently fixed our mower and returned it full of gas. Many times he has aided me when I fainted and couldn't get off the floor. He took my husband to meet his mother when I was unable to take him. He watches over our street and I feel very grateful that he is next door. I could go on and on about Brent and the way he holds himself in our little community. From his actions here at home, I suspect you have an exemplary officer in Brent and I just wanted him to be recognized for his off duty help and thoughtfulness.

The police have been under extreme scrutiny recently and I want you to know that my friends and I hold you in our prayers. Everyone makes mistakes and there are probably some officers that should find another job, but I am sure they are in the minority. I am truly grateful for those who work long hours and put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Thank you for being there for us.

I would like to request that a copy of this letter be placed in Officer Cleveland's personnel file and perhaps receive a pat on the back from his supervisor for a job well done, off duty.