Officer, citizens rescue small dog on 360

This morning (Mon. 4/23/18) there was a small dog loose and running around (literally!) on Hwy 360- some members of the public (like me) were attempting to corral it, but no luck. This dog, for a small Chihuahua-ish dog, had some moves you would not believe, and sure he was pretty panicked at finding himself out in the highway. A motorcycle officer pulled up to me and asked where he'd gone- directed him over to the little dog- and he was OFF. The dog had run across the median to the Northbound lane, and this officer physically PULLS ACROSS THE HIGHWAY and SHUTS DOWN TRAFFIC, and proceeds to corral the dog with a couple of members of the public who've gotten out of their cars to assist. I had hung back to see if there was any assistance I could give, but at this point southbound traffic had begun moving and had to move with it.

The last I could see, the officer looked like he had the situation completely well in hand.

That was one of the most awesome things I've seen recently, that officer taking on that situation to basically help a little dog and look out for public safety(and with some citizen assistance, too).
I believe his vehicle number was MC #18- that guy should get two medals!!