Officer McSpadden - December 2013

Aug 16, 2016 - 6:34 pm

Hello APD. I am writing this email in the wake of the despicable murders of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. My name is P. In December of 2013, I was arrested at the Quality Inn near St. Johns by APD Officer McSpadden. 5 weeks before that, I had been stabbed and left for dead in the parking lot of Sugar's. The night I was arrested was my very first night "back" after healing from the stabbing. I had been working as an escort that night, my meth addiction led me down that road and for 6 months in 2013, that was my profession. When APD showed up at my door because the credit card my friend purchased the room on had been stolen, I was absolutely undone. The next day was my only son's 8th birthday, and now it looked like I was gonna be locked up. Officer McSpadden was so kind, even though he arrested me. He did not treat me like the piece of trash I felt like, and I will never forget that.

A couple months later, I got into treatment and I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Then my whole world changed!! Doors had been slamming shut in my life and now all the sudden new ones were opening everywhere! I got my cosmetology license (I took high school cosmetology and failed the exam, miraculously I was able to retake it 13 years later and I passed!) I moved to Ft. Worth with my amazing Christian aunt, who has mentored me and supported me in my recovery (not an easy thing, my mind had become so warped after 15 years of drug addiction) and our entire family has healed and become so close (when I was on the streets, things were so bad they wouldn't even speak to me) and I just completed my associates degree from Weatherford College, Phi Theta Kappa and on August 8th, I start at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa! For months now it has been on my heart to share my story with Officer McSpadden and APD, but with all this dispicable insanity targeting police officers, I couldn't wait any longer. I bet the police don't hear many stories with good endings, but I want to encourage you...

What you do makes a difference! Anybody with any sense at all, knows all the stories in the media about bad cops is a bunch of hype. One or two bad situations gets splattered all over the tv like it's some kind of epidemic. I've been arrested 7 or 8 times and I'm pretty sure I was just as worried about getting pulled over as any other person who was BREAKING THE LAW. And guess what else is a miracle... since I started living for the Lord and quit BREAKING THE LAW, I don't worry about getting busted! :-) I know I make really good grades in school now, but I'm almost positive-- that is not rocket science!

I just want to express my appreciation and support to the police officers doing their job, and I hope, knowing my story, it makes a difference.

By the way, my felony theft case was dismissed last year and though I am still cleaning up some legal stuff and financial stuff from my dark days, the future has never been brighter. Jesus really does save, but its our job individually to respond to His free gift of salvation, when we do, EVERYTHING changes! It says in the Word, God can do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond anything we can ever hope for or imagine, and that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, and I'm telling you, IT'S TRUE!!!!

God Bless you APD and Officer McSpadden!