Polite Policeman

Good afternoon Chief,

This past Saturday was National Lemonade Stand DAY, and my son and nephews
had a lemonade stand. The boys were getting distraught as we started off
to a slow start, but one your officers stopped by and pumped them up. We
could tell he made extra effort to put a smile on their faces, and it
really made a difference on their day. One of my nephews is currently
battling cancer, and the proceeds were going his battle. I know the news
and social media can but a spot light on the few bad instances that may
occur in Austin and around the nations. But I wanted to let you know, you
have one out there doing an outstanding job serving the citizens in

We failed to get his name but in the picture I believe it says Henrichs
6130, and his patrol car was #1376.

Thank you Officer Henrich and Thank you Chief Art, I think you all are
doing a fine job here in Austin.