Regrets & Reconciliation

I was arrested for DWI Friday morning around 12:30 (by Officer Andrew Upton).

Officer Upton, I sincerely apologize for my poor behavior towards you personally after I realized I was going to be arrested; let's just say my adrenal response has historically lended itself to the 'fight' reaction, and not 'flight'. I have replayed that night at least 50 times in my head and I cringe at my ignorance and lack of professionalism. Thank you for dealing with my sassy attitude as calmly as you did. 

One of the women helping me through the booking process indicated I was fortunate that you were my arresting officer as you are prompt and efficient with paperwork and that makes everything involved a little easier. I appreciate that as I am working on finding a lawyer to help me through this court process, which I understand can take a while. Regardless, I have always been the type to believe that the universe wills things to happen the way they should, and this is no different. The consequences of my actions will be what they should be and I will deal with those shifting sands when it happens.   

Seven or eight years ago, my mother was involved in a DWI accident that almost killed the man I was dating at the time. It was an extremely traumatic event and one that I will never forget witnessing. You would think that after navigating a situation like that with people so close to me, I would be better equipped to make better decisions in my own life. Yet, here I am... reckless and repeating self-destructive habits I have been working to overcome for over 10 years.

All that is to say that I am grateful you intervened in my path that night and I am grateful you were kind to me, even when I didn't reciprocate the same. I am certainly going to work on taking a page from your demeanor and patience books. Thank you. 

- J.W.