With Sincere Gratitude

Jan 26, 2021 - 3:56 pm

On January 22, 2021, my phone rang with a call from the Austin Police Dept. My daughter resides in Austin and I live in Findlay, Ohio. My heart sank with fear of an accident or worse. Officer Yurcko informed me they were trying to reach my daughter to move her car off the 400 block of 6th St. I thanked him and then contacted her immediately. However, my husband and I both remarked why wouldn't they just tow the car? In Ohio, there is no courtesy warning. Then we began to wonder if the call was legitimate or was she being lured outside as we were also unclear how our phone number was discovered. I called back the number with Officer Yurcko answering. I questioned him on his name spelling and asked for a supervisor to contact me verifying the information. Sgt. Jordan then called me back, gave me his badge number and the correct spelling of Officer Yurcko's name. I then felt assured she was safe. I am writing to thank both officers and the Austin Police Department for their professionalism and patience with me. Both were extremely polite and I appreciated a supervisor calling to confirm the information. In this day and age of negativity, these two gentleman deserve a pat on the back for doing their job with respect, thoroughness, concern and professionalism.

With sincere gratitude,