Thank you

In light of the recent events that have been occurring in our country, which seem to be targeting police officers, this has made me more aware of the unsafe times we are living in and that you put your own lives and personal safety into harm’s way every day of the year, 24/7 hours a day. It is regretful that it takes events where police officers lose their lives to remind us of the dangerous situations you face. I think the time has come for us the citizens to let you know that we need you and appreciate you. This is a thank you that is long overdue. I have been reminded anew just how much you do to protect us and keep us safe. It is such a good feeling to know I can call when in trouble and you will come, no matter the reason. Thank you so much for your dedication and service and for all you do. I will remember to pray for the safety of the Austin police officers every time you go out into the community.