Thank you again from Pecan Street Fest

May 12, 2015 - 3:48 pm

Dear Chief Acevedo,

We have enjoyed  a wonderful service from APD this last weekend.

We approached this Pecan Street Festival with some sadness when we learned that our friend, Officer Jonathan Martin, was leaving us after this show. We had benefited from his dedicated and friendly work relationship for some years now. We always understood him as a man who took his mission wholeheartedly and who loves the community he defends and protects - And, certainly, we will never forget his great sense of humor.

Recently, he introduced us over lunch to a wonderful lady, Officer Amy Thomas. From the very beginning we knew she was going to be great to our festival. She kept great communication as we engaged in pre-production mode. She was very alert of the process and asked us all the right questions to prepare the officers under her command properly. During the event, she performed with very high professional standards. Her youthful energy and intelligence allowed for a great festival experience.

We know we are in good hands. And, we are very grateful to you, Martin, Thomas, Stephenson, Jones and all the great APD officers that provided the best possible service to our festival. Austin has the truly finest taking care of us all.