Thank you to APD from mom with 4 small children

Aug 24, 2018 - 1:54 pm

Thank you, APD so much for your assistance today. If it wasn't for my boys in blue, my children would have probably been seriously affected by the Texas heat. Today, my procrastination got the better of me, as I did NOT fill my gas tank up before my trip from San Antonio. With an empty tank, and little stress, I requested road side assistance from Progressive. Apparently, I actually wasn't covered, so I decided to go ahead and pay for it over the phone, and expected someone to help me. Well, 40 minutes or so passed, and when I looked online for any kind of ETA, it said my assistance had been completed. I swear, I felt my body temperature rise. Oh no, not from the 100 degree heat, but my anger. Shortly after, I received a phone call from a representative and she explained to me that they were unable to help, due to the location I was in. Again y'all, I have four small children on the side of a busy highway. I OBVIOUSLY NEEDED HELP.

It took me calling 9-1-1, and good faith in a passerby (who I flagged down as I was dropping to my knees from anxiety and fear of my children suffering heat stroke). These men stood by my side until any and ALL issues were solved. Even after my tank was filled, my battery died (lord) because I never turned off my hazard lights and kept the key in the ignition. These men took every chance they could to keep me and my children safe. They even got to play in the back of a cop car. AFTER A TOTAL OF TWO HOURS OF MIND BOGGLING PROBLEMS, WE WERE ABLE TO DRIVE AWAY SAFELY. I stand behind the men and women who serve our country, and NOT kill our own. HERE'S TO YOU AUSTIN PD.