Thank you to APD officers for rescuing dog

I just wanted to say thank you to two of Austin's Region 3 police officers. APD officer Marie Bynum and her partner. As I drove down Clovis St., I noticed a very dazed looking dog sitting in the weeds on the side of the road. He wasn't moving. Something about the way he was sitting and the look on his face just seemed strange.

We turned around and went back and he just sat there looking stunned or dazed. I didn't know if he had been hit by a car, was sick or what. I called 311 and made a possibly injured dog report. As I was making the report the dog timidly walked towards me, sort of sniffed at my hand and crawled under my truck.

He just seemed so sad and so confused. While I was waiting for an animal control officer to show up, a police vehicle pulled up behind me. The officers  were  wondering why I was sort of parked in the middle of the street facing the wrong direction. As soon as I explained to Officer Bynum and her partner what was going on they immediately started trying to help. They were able to convince the dog to come out from under my truck and with a  little coaxing, we got him into the back of their vehicle.

While this dog was big and kind of scary; he was incredibly shy. He very timidly licked at our fingers and just looked worried. I followed the officers to the shelter where the dog cooperated with everything we asked him to do. He just seems so sad and so disoriented. He wasn't chipped. No signs of a collar. Unneutered. And to me; he looked a little under fed. Call me cynical but I think the dog was dumped by his owner and he was sitting there waiting for the owner to return.

To close this, I just want to say I couldn't have asked for more cooperation from the two APD officers. They were incredibly helpful, compassionate and professional. I hope you can find more like them.