A thank you compliment for police and those who helped me; please let them know

Aug 6, 2015 - 11:10 am

On 14 July, when I was a bit sick, my mailman knocked on my door and informed me there was a huge deer injured or giving birth in my courtyard. He tried to help, told me to get in touch with 311. I did so. The woman was wonderful who took my call. Policeman Officer Chopin came out and said to wait to see if the deer gave birth and to call later for more help if I needed it. I did call Bill Estela at Wildlife Rehab, his name given to me by a vet. Mr. Estela, wildlife expert, said the deer couldn't be saved. Another policeman, Officer Murray came out. He was so professional and compassionate and logical and helpful. He put the deer down, as there was no hope for it, and it would only continue to suffer. He and Mr. Estela took it to the curb, where the City picked it up today. That man, who drove the truck, was also so extremely kind and polite. I know police mainly have to deal with violence, but sometimes they are so blessedly helpful in unique situations . I am old and had no idea what to do. Please thank the woman on 311 and Officer Chopin and Officer Murray. I knew the deer was suffering and the police gave it every chance, but finally there was no hope. From violence to just helping out--what the police have to deal with amazes me. What professionals they were, and especially the Officer who had to do the shooting. Please thank them and the Police Chief for me.