Thank you during SXSW visit to Austin

A few months ago I visited Austin for the first time in many years during SXSW. It's a massive and challenging job to police a multi-week event like that and the interactions I had with the Austin PD were all very positive.

The officers I spoke with over the 4 days I was there were helpful, friendly and despite having to be at the top of their game, very relaxed.

I just wanted to thank the Austin PD for the great work.

I also wanted to give a special thanks to officer Monika McCoy and her father Officer Houston McCoy who was one of the two officers who saved so many lives 50 years ago when I was 12 year old boy.

Officers McCoy and Martinez were heroes then and are heroes today. We remember and we are thankful for the job they did. Please let Officer Monika McCoy knows that we remember.