Thank you to Officer David Rodriguez and Victim Services Haleigh Bolton

Sep 18, 2020 - 1:14 pm

I am the Victim Services manager for a local police department. Yesterday I was sent out to a call of a terrified woman who would not speak to any of the officers who out with her. EMS was also on scene. We were able to get her to go a hospital. I rode in the ambulance with her. After a time at the hospital the victim was able to tell us pieces of what happened and it turned out to be an APD case. Officer David Rodriguez arrived and was briefed by officers about the condition of the victim. He knocked on the door and announced who he was. He asked permission from the victim to enter and to sit down. He took his time and helped her with deep breathing instructions when she would become upset. He treated her with respect and kindness. Haleigh Bolton from Victim Services came in and I introduced the victim to her. By this time the victim had been given anti- anxiety medication and was doing much better. Haleigh explained things to her and told her how she could help. I felt comfortable leaving this victim in the hands of Officer Rodriguez and Haleigh. Everyone is quick to criticize officers so I wanted to say thank you to this pair who took over the care of this victim.