Thank you to Officer Richard Lesly

A citizen wrote an email directly to Chief Acevedo to thank Officer Richard Lesly for demonstrating wonderful kindness and good citizenship toward them recently.

They wrote:

"My husband, myself, our daughter and 4 of her friends headed out of town to go skiing over Spring Break. Unbeknownst to us, the topper on our van had come open early that morning and we lost a garment bag with my husband's suit, dress shoes, dress watch and other important items he was going to take on a business trip later in the week. We were shocked and upset to discover we lost the bag and had good friends at home drive mopac and 183 looking for our bag to no avail. Later the same day we had a message on our answering machine and your kind officer saw our bag on the side of the road, stopped to pick it up and reached out to us to return it safely to us.  We were so grateful and because he did this we were able to have our friends retrieve the bag from Officer Lesly and ship it to us so my husband had his items in time for his meeting!  Whew!!

We are extremely grateful and wanted you to know of the great character and kindness of your Officer Richard Lesly!!"