Thank you to the officer who pulled me over

As I rushed from San Antonio to the emergency room in Round Rock between 2300 and midnight last night to be with son and his wife, I was pulled over on the frontage road for a minor infraction, while trying to bypass traffic somewhere between exits 233 and 236, or thereabouts. While I did not get the name of the Officer that conducted the traffic stop, I take time from my busy schedule today to share that he was very professional, respectful, and courteous during our brief encounter. It is unfortunate that LE are often portrayed in a negative light, but I am very pleased to find this forum where as citizens, we can stand alongside our great Officers who perform difficult jobs, day in and day out. While some citizens become highly irritated and upset during traffic violations or stops, the basic tenet of admitting responsibility and appreciating what our Officers do carries the public/LE relationship a long way. Both the four-year veteran and his back up that conducted this routine traffic stop followed all proper protocol, and I would like for them and all the good men and women at APD who selflessly serve us to know that our family greatly appreciate what they do, and pray that you serve a long and remarkable career, and each day, return safely to your home and families. Also, please let him know my daughter in law is recovering well, and again, thank you for what you do! Stay safe!