Thank you to Officers Chad Cochran and Luis Velazquez

Apr 29, 2016 - 3:49 pm

Sir or Maam;

Last night my car was stolen. I had been sick all day and walked in to a walgreens to get more medicine and walked out to find no car. I called the Austin Police Department and my call was quickly responded by two officers that were also gentlemen. They were so kind when taking my statement. They asked if I had a way home, since I had been sick I did not have a phone, shoes, keys to my apartment, and was very scared (not of the officers, just the situation in general.) The officers took me home and then once they got to my apartment they helped me locate information on my vehicle. I was very scared, it is very weird for a car to get stolen if its never happened to you before and I just wanted you to know these officers went above and beyond for my safety and comfort. Also, they came back later in the morning and brought back all the things from my vehicle that they found dumped. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but some of these things included irreplaceable family pictures, work materials and so much more. I just wanted someone out there to know that these officers really deserve a pat on the back. Both of these men need to be applauded and if you could please let me know I appreciate their hard work.