Thank you to Officers Reid and Tucker

Jul 20, 2015 - 10:08 am

On Mother’s Day 05-10-15, my husband received a call on his cell phone from an un-recognized number.  Thinking it was simply a telemarketer, he did not answer.  The number typed into Google reflected it was Austin Police Department.  Our hearts raced as our 21-year-old daughter was not home, and did not answer her cell phone when called.

My husband called APD back, but got the main operator who had no way of knowing which officer had called.  Shortly thereafter, my cell phone rang and Officer Reid (#7870) identified himself and asked if I was still the owner of a white Mercedes.  My heart sank and I explained, “My daughter drives that car; please tell me she is alright.”

As it turns out, the car had been hit by a hit-and-run driver in a parking lot at 109 E 11th Street & Congress Avenue.  There were 2 witnesses that called 3 1 1 to report the hit-and-run accident.  According to Officer Reid, he and Officer Tucker (#5979) were on patrol and intercepted a message and jotted down the license number of the vehicle before it disappeared from their screen.  They were able to locate the vehicle (which had damage and white paint from our car) at the driver’s home.  Officer Reid confronted the Owner and obtained the driver’s insurance information. 

The Officers waited by the car until my daughter arrived (who had been in a class and had no idea her car had been hit) and also remained onsite with her until my husband and I arrived at the scene.  They explained what had happened, called a wrecker for us and remained onsite until they arrived.

I must commend Officers Reid and Tucker for taking the time to capture the license number of the hit-and-run driver; going to the effort of tracking the numbers for our cell phones to contact us; waiting for my daughter to arrive unaware her car had be wrecked; waiting for my husband & I to arrive from Oak Hill; arranging for a wrecker and staying on the scene until the car had been towed.

I hope these Officers will be recognized for their exceptional work, and congratulate you on the fine Police Force that we have in Austin.
Kindest regards,

J & F W