Thank You to You and Your Edward Sector Team

May 12, 2016 - 9:39 am

Corporal Vega,

I am writing to offer a sincere thank you to you and your officers in the Edward sector for hosting me on a very informative and enjoyable ride along throughout the day of Monday, May 9th. The entire team was welcoming, supportive, and insightful. Their passion for their jobs was truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air from the corporate world.

Officer Ruben Espinoza, in particular, was possibly the best host I could have asked for. He answered every question I posed with the utmost care for my understanding. He did he best to ensure that I was exposed to the entire Edward sector and was aware of the proactive steps being taken to address troubled neighborhoods. He introduced me to the equipment all officers’ use on a daily basis, making me appreciate the many layers of communication at play throughout the entire city at all hours of the day. He also gave me a great appreciation for the many layers of APD, from the hierarchy to the specialties and certifications available.

I particularly appreciated Officer Espinoza’s willingness to relay his thoughts and insights on the current call before, during, and after its execution. This allowed me to better understand and appreciate the methods and reasoning used by patrol officers. He also went above and beyond by proposing that we tour the 911 and dispatch facility after learning of my engineering background. He did this even though it required acquiring additional permission and taking our car out of patrol duties for a period of time. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and willingness to modify the day’s events to meet my interests.

While I likely will not apply to participate in the police academy, I have that much more respect for those that do and continue on to serve our community. The Ride Along program is truly worthwhile and I appreciate being able to have my ride with you and your team.

Once again, a big thank you to all of you for your service and to Officer Ruben Espinoza for a delightful day,