Thanks for changing my tire

Aug 16, 2016 - 6:36 pm

A big shout out to the Austin Police Department. Tonight I had a flat tire on the way home. I figured I could change it myself but I couldn't get the lug nuts loose. (I know I should have more manly strength but it was a long day and it was an unfamiliar car, what can I say). As I was waiting for AAA, an APD officer came up behind me, gave me an escort to a grocery store parking lot and then he and another officer changed the tire for me. I certainly didn't expect them to do this for me, but I totally appreciate it. With all of the bad news about police (some of it spread by me), it is heartening to see officers living up to the ideal of "to protect and serve." While it is easy to focus on the bad apples, it is important to remember that 99% of the officers have a servant heart. I know I will.