Traffic Stop Turnaround

Jun 26, 2018 - 3:30 pm

I was having a horrible day. Nothing seemed to be going right. And then I get pulled over by Officers Smith and Weston. What a remarkable change in my day, one that I will long remember. The officers were, of course, professional, courteous, and respectful. But most of all, they were caring and understanding. They showed a true human side of themselves...being both friendly and compassionate. They smiled. They listened. They sympathized. The kindness I received from them made me feel human, too. Made me feel not so bad anymore. It uplifted me. I want to thank them for going above and beyond their professional demeanor to treat me with such kindness. I felt better about myself and the world around me. And please give a special thanks to Officer Smith for his incredible understanding and conversation while Officer Weston was printing out my ticket.Yes, I received a citation. And although that part wasn't so good, the gentle kindness I received lifted my spirits. I will remember it for a long time and pay it forward. Maybe this world isn't so bad after all.