Welfare Check

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the Austin PD, specifically the officers that responded to a welfare check I had requested for my daughter. She had not responded to my previous calls and texts -- which was unusual for her. Since I live in the Dallas area I had no way of knowing what was going on. After about 5 hours of of hearing nothing from her and unsuccessful attempts to reach her closest friends, I decided to call the Austin PD. My daughter that was with me was able to locate her phone at a residence via the phone locations feature. At one point it appeared the phone was in some bushy area. At that point is when I pulled the trigger to make the 311 call that was then transferred to a 911 call. Since this happened on the heels of the awful tragedy at UT needless to say as a parent I had a high sense of anxiety. Austin PD was professional and efficient throughout the process. I know sometimes the PD don't get the praise that they truly deserve and as a parent I did not want their prompt assistance to go unnoticed. Thank you thank you thank you for easing a parent's concern. She was fine and again, job well done.