Wonderful ride along experience with Officer Thorstenson

Feb 18, 2016 - 9:11 am

On Saturday night during the Frank 300 shift I had the privilege to ride along with Officer Lindsay Thorstenson (Badge #7800). Upon meeting her and Sergeant Clemens, I was greeted warmly and friendly and shown through the Police Station. As we went through the shift, she was extremely professional and caring towards not just myself but those she came into contact    with- both in and out of handcuffs. Austin deserves more Officers like Mrs. Thorstenson- I would like to thank her for everything she helped me with and guiding me through my decision to join APD. Please send her my highest regard and I certainly hope she gets a commendation or award for her performance as a police officer. I would love to have her as an FTO or senior officer some day on the force. Thank you.