Austin's Urban Forest Plan 

Austin's Urban Forest Plan (PDF) established a broad, long-range Vision for Austin’s urban forest. Like most comprehensive plans, it is inherently hopeful and focuses on the ideal state of the urban forest in 2034. The Plan provides a comprehensive list of goals that should be considered in order to reach our community’s urban forest vision.

Austin’s 2034 Urban Forest Vision

"Austin’s urban forest is a healthy and sustainable mix of trees, vegetation, and other components that comprise a contiguous and thriving ecosystem valued, protected, and cared for by the City and its citizens as an essential environmental, economic, and community asset."

As our community continues to work toward our community’s Vision, we can expect many challenges and opportunities.  

Ongoing and future challenges will likely include:  

  • Continued land development; 
  • Siloed interest groups and organizations;  
  • Extreme weather conditions (e.g., extreme heat, drought, flooding, wildfire);  
  • Invasive plants, pests, and disease; 
  • Lack of tree species diversity; and  
  • Increased use of parks and associated soil compaction around trees. 

Ongoing and future opportunities will likely include:  

  • Trees and stewardship communities nurtured at a neighborhood level;  
  • Increased partnering between mission-compatible organizations; 
  • Development of data-based prioritization tools for practical and policy decisions;  
  • Increasing data transparency related to resources;  
  • Supporting tree species and age diversity; 
  • Collectively working with partners to focus resources to high priority areas; and 
  • Continuing to support community stewardship activities on public land. 

Reports and Data Interactives