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The Art in Public Places (AIPP) program announces upcoming public art projects based on an annual number of the City’s eligible Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). The AIPP program receives 2% of the funding from those eligible CIP projects to use for obtaining unique artwork. AIPP averages 8 to 10 new projects every year - in parks, public buildings, walkways, and more!

Click the links below to get more information about some of our recently completed and current projects.

Current Calls for Art in Public Places Projects

This page contains information on Art in Public Places (AIPP) Program policies, the AIPP Panel, and Selection Panels.

In the realm of public art, artists must work closely with design professionals, contractors, city officials, and community members. Creating project budgets, complying with contractual requirements, and meeting deadlines are necessary to the process. Below are some resources to help you in your process.


An initiative of the Art in Public Places Program, TEMPO brings temporary public artwork to sites throughout Austin to enrich civic dialogue,cultivate tourism, and activate public spaces in unexpected ways.The annual program commissions artists to create installations in a range of media that explore themes suitable for the outdoor environment.