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On June 16, 2009 Governor Perry signed a bill into law that recognizes the third week in October as Texas Native Plant Week. The bill is intended to emphasize the role of native plants in conservation efforts and to be used as incentive for the Texas education system to teach school children about the importance of native plants. The Native Plant Society of Texas teamed with State Representative Donna Howard to present the bill to the State Legislature. The bill passed unanimously in both houses.

Native plants are acclimated to local climate conditions and soils, provide habitat for wildlife, typically require less water and maintenance once established, and do not rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to thrive. These homegrown plants also give us a sense of place and help maintain the region's wide variety of flora and fauna. Not only do they provide all of these wonderful benefits, but they are beautiful, too!


  • Austin Resource Recovery
  • Austin Energy: Green Building
  • Austin Water Utility: Water Conservation and Wildlands
  • Parks and Recreation Department: Urban Forestry, Wildlife Austin, Zilker Botanical Garden
  • Development Services Department
  • Watershed Protection Department:  Grow Green

The Native Plant Society of Texas promotes research, conservation and utilization of native plants and plant habitats of Texas throughout the state and includes Texas Native Plant Week events on their website.